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Reasons Why Online Classes Can Help Kids!

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Reasons Why Online Classes Can Help Kids!

The way our children learn has changed over the past couple of years. Whether your children attend an in-person school or are homeschooled, it has changed for everyone.

Online classes can help kids fill in gaps that are missing in their education, they can give students more options, broaden the opportunities they have, give flexibility with scheduling and location, and the options to choose the perfect type of tutors and teachers parents want to support and teach their kids.

Whether your child’s schooling situation has remained the same or you have had to make adjustments to help your kids thrive, one solution can help to supplement. Online classes. There are many reasons why online classes can help kids!

Online classes have expanded our world!

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Tutoring for Specific Subjects

If your child needs specific help with their classes, it may be hard to find someone locally to give you the help that you need. Instead of feeling you need to find someone just within your community, imagine if you had your whole world opened up where you could get support from qualified tutors from around the world!

These past two years have really opened up more possibilities, showing parents that they can find qualified tutors in ALL subjects. And not only for all subjects, but endless interests that amazing tutors from all over the world make available for learners at their fingertips!

My recommendation is to do your research and be open to all the possibilities. Finding the best tutor that will be a good match for your learner is important to keep them engaged, focused, and happy! Here are some thoughts when researching:

  • Get Your Questions Answered – Talk, meet, or message with tutors before you commit. 
  • Test Drive – Before you invest in multiple sessions with a tutor, you may want to have a meet and greet, or purchase one session and see if it is a good fit. 
  • Check-In – Get feedback from the tutor. Whether it’s an email or a quick message, getting regular feedback will help you to feel good about knowing your child’s progress. It can also help if you feel there are concerns or areas not being addressed during the tutoring session. 

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Extracurricular Classes

Maybe you don’t need an academic tutor but would love to expand opportunities for your learners. Anything ranging from cooking, crafts, language, and so much more can be found online. Extracurricular classes online can give you lots of flexibility to try new things in an easy and simple way!

What is something that your child has always wanted to learn? I bet there is a class for that!

Want to hear a few more ideas on classes?

  • Cleaning and Organizing
  • Crockpot Cooking
  • Print and Cursive Writing
  • Learn to Tie Shoes
  • Money Bootcamp
  • Doodling

And those are just a few of the classes I teach as a life skills teacher! Maybe your child wants to learn a language, programming, painting, gaming, and so much more. Outschool is a great place to start your search! (Here is a coupon for $20 towards your first class on Outschool)

Flexible Scheduling

When my children needed some extra help with school work or extracurricular activities, the options were to schedule time with a teacher, whether during or after school, or I had to drive them to a tutor. Meeting in person, just like in school, is valuable. However, for a one-hour tutoring session, I was thrilled when the option to go online was offered.

If you have ever thought that it is impossible to find the perfect tutor because of your schedule or location, online learning can give you lots of options. It offers flexibility, similar cost, and more. It’s why I feel so strongly about why online classes are helpful for kids, and their parents.

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Even though learning has changed quite a bit in the past couple of years, maybe not all were for the worse. When schools and classrooms changed how they operated, it opened up the opportunity for innovation in how we learn and connect with others.

In-person learning is very important. Not all learning and connection can be done through a computer screen. Finding a balance is important, as well as discovering what will benefit your needs, human connection, and your schedule. With so many reasons why online classes are helpful for kids, families with children of all different ages can find what will work to help support them and their specific needs.

How do you feel about how learning has changed for your children? How has it changed for you?