What parents have been asking for . . . CLUTTER COACHING FOR GROWN-UPS! x

Serving kids and their families to gain confidence with life skills

I enjoy teaching life skills. These were fun topics for me to learn as a child and I realize that they aren’t offered in many schools as they once were.

I’ve been an artist since I was very young. I have a degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis in Commercial Design. I especially love working on projects with lettering and color design. With my background, it helps me to bring fun and creativity into my classes.

I am also a mom of three and have enjoyed homeschooling during the summer with my children including crafts, cooking, and more.


Practicing writing and using creativity, while learning about animals, dinosaurs, and more interesting topics, make the life skill of learning how to write cursive FUN!

I have classes that cover the entire alphabet, which is good for review, and ongoing classes that cover a few letters each week. Both types of classes include fun themes, as well as games, trivia, and riddles!


In my cooking classes, we will mainly use a crockpot. It’s a simple, fun, and creative way to cook in the kitchen! It’s perfect for kids where parents don’t have to worry about them using the oven. Learners will gain confidence in the kitchen and see that cooking doesn’t have to be complicated.

Cooking in the kitchen, whether making dinner or a dessert, can be a fun and memorable experience. We do this by also incorporating cooking tips, games, trivia, and riddles that relate to the recipe taught in each class.


I write on my blog, The Unclutter Angel, where I help families get organized in the home. I have a passion for organizing and helping others to get organized, especially kids and their families. It started when I was younger in my room, classrooms, and beyond.

As a Clutter Coach, I know that it is important to keep the process of cleaning and being organized simple, easy, and fun, especially with kids! Whether your child struggles with keeping their room picked up, maybe they have trouble staying focused, or they need the skills to get organized and keep things clean, I have a hands-on class for you.

I am not just about giving tips. My cleaning and organizing class offers a fun and interactive environment that can help your learner to see the value in keeping their room clean and organized and how it doesn’t have to be a dreaded chore!

Creativity is beneficial for everyone! Incorporating doodling, writing and design in some of my classes is a skill that kids can use whether for fun, a school project, brainstorming and more!
While most of my classes are based on cleaning, cooking and writing, I offer some basic classes for younger learners too! Including how to tie your shoes, table manners, and more!
For almost 20 years I have taught children both online and offline with the age range of 3-15. Teaching hundreds of classes online, I genuinely love teaching in an online classroom! There are so many creative tools that can be used and the flexibility to teach students from around the world is amazing!

I love to give lots of encouragement and have a ton of patience. My classes are interactive, practical, creative, and fun!

I’m excited to see you in my classroom and have some fun!
Teacher Angela ❤

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What Parents Are Saying

My 5 year old daughter really enjoys this class. After class ended, she continued cleaning until she was satisfied with the end result. I am happy to continue making it part of our weekly routine.
outschool parent
Kid's Organizing: Fun and Games While Cleaning Our Room, Ages 5-8
My daughter loves taking classes with Teacher Angela and she especially loved this holiday themed class! She has been decorating the house for the holidays and tidying up to music since class ended a few days ago. I love to see her enthusiasm! - My 7-year old, who absolutely 'hates' cleaning her room, offered this enthusiastic review: "This class is terrific!!". Within 45 minutes, this lovely teacher connected with my shy daughter in a way that fostered her own enthusiasm about tidying and organizing her room - just short of miraculous - and with results! A tidier room by the end of the class.
Outschool Parents
Kid's Organizing Winter Camp: Fun and Games While Cleaning Our Room
My daughter who has particularly resisted cursive with me, teachers, OTs and other Outschool classes has taken to this class in a way I almost can't believe. It is so much more than cursive, the games and learning suck my daughter right in and she is eager to do the cursive letter practice intermittently to get back to the games (she doesn't realize that too is writing!). The generous packet each week keeps us going until the next class and the teacher-student interaction is spot on. What a pleasant surprise.
Outschool Parent
Cursive Handwriting Club: Fun Weekly Themes