What parents have been asking for . . . CLUTTER COACHING FOR GROWN-UPS! x

Fun Online Learning

Even though we don’t meet in person doesn’t mean we don’t have fun connecting and learning. 

I mix the class time between learning and playing. It encourages interaction, creativity, and helps learners to be open to the content we are covering. 


Kids cleaning & organizing class

Do you feel your room gets messy easily and don’t know how it happens? Do you lose things or have a hard time finding what you need? Does the idea of cleaning and organizing your room sound boring and not fun?

We are going to turn that all around! Working with a different theme each week, we will create a fun system for getting our rooms picked up and organized, creating a space that feels good! 

Cursive and Print Handwriting Classes

We will explore a new theme each week while learning letters and practicing your handwriting! This is a good class for beginners who are just learning letters or may need to practice improving their print and cursive writing. 


more life skill classes

My classes are kept simple and fun to help kids stay engaged and not feel overwhelmed. I offer lots of encouragement and gentle instruction.

clutter coaching for grown ups

Similar support that I offer my online learners, but for adults!

African mom of two multiethnic school age daughters do lesson homework helps them. American and Caucasian girls siblings writing on workbooks study with teacher at home. Homeschooling tutoring concept